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Slot machine test: all American

All American title already suggests that it is game to a video poker. In fact, it's almost like normal Poker, except that you just not sitting at a table with dealer. But also here the poker combinations are normal, but above all higher combinations can also lead to higher profits. Once you can share the maps in this net entertainment casino game, to get even better possibilities. You can play the stakes from low to high. Each round is of course something special and it will basically not be bored, because all American poker distinguishes itself through a high voltage. In each round the same question, whether you get the decisive cards. Rather safe to play on a pair or are you hoping but on a road? In all American, you can put your poker skills to the test.

Do you look cards lucky loser's? Then, you can use all American in the Mister green online casino. Simply register and deposit money or even free play all American. There will be fun anyway.

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All American online game

Basically not very different all American from other poker variants. First and foremost, it comes to earn poker combinations that are well known. If you don't know them, you can see their names on the left side. A round is always the same, because first of all, you get five cards. Then you can make optional up to five pieces of it on hold. This has the purpose that they be replaced the next step not against new random maps. So you've got even affect how many cards you want to trade to get a better hand.

Then it is already settled where there are higher profits for better combinations. You can see it on the left side. But not alone decide the poker combinations in this casino game about, what you can expect on your account. Because the use, you can even set the coin value and also the usage level is just as critical. The more you risk, you can win more of course, if you ever win. You should start just as a beginner maybe relatively small stakes, to make you familiar with the game.

Icons in the casino game all American

The symbols is more of course just to famous playing cards from a 52 sheet, however, so that there are more than four cards each value. The lowest card is the 2, the highest the ACE. The lowest combination consisting of two boys, what a couple. Two Kings no longer count, because you're in all American don't against a dealer or other players. More than even a couple a pair of double counts, it is three of a kind. Also roads are always better when they range from ten up to the ACE are important in poker. There are even higher values in all American, if they also consist of only one color.

All American casino game guide

All American should be your first poker experience, then you can of course once play in free mode in the game room. If not, then you know what matters, because basically, the game is not very complicated. One interesting thing is there but still a profit, because then is a gamble function available. Setting on red or black, you can possibly increase your winnings. It's so not fun you try just a few online slots that have been tested by us.

Conclusion to the all American test

All American what poker players should expect from this game offers. Here is poker played clean. There are no special extra features and the game will save any animations. Here you can so quickly and solid all American poker play and this is so well